National Poetry Day

A poem about change by Jo Lynn Ehnes – simple, reflective and uplifting.

Autumn 7

A Change of Seasons

Autumnal winds caress my face
as summer’s heated breeze expires.
The years have quickened in their pace,
foregoing my misplaced desires.

As winter lurks not far ahead
my memory drifts to warmer days,
where on a greener grass I tread
absorbing love’s adoring rays.

Beneath the August moon we’d dance,
embracing ’til the blaze of dawn,
but violent gusts would steal my chance
and whisk away the dreams I’d drawn.

Through fallen leaves of yesteryears
I sift for blades of thriving hope,
to help me cool these caustic tears
and find the strength and will to cope.

For in the autumn of my life
is when I’ll gain a peace within,
discarding weights of pain and strife
and letting reigns of joy begin.

Then when the days of fall conclude
and winter takes its turn on stage,
I know my soul will be renewed
as life records my final page.



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