The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

TImage resulthere’s a reason why Karin Slaughter’s books are so popular and that’s because they’re addictive.  Once I started reading (and my kindle said it would take me 6 hours, which is about twice as long as any other book), I barely looked up until the final, twisty pages.

Sam and Charlie are teenagers living with their parents in Pikeville, Georgia in the late 80s.  After unimaginable violence visits their family (and this is in the first chapter, so I’m not giving too much away), their lives are torn apart.  This episode is revisited several times throughout the book from different points of view.  What actually happened that day, and what are the repercussions nearly 30 years later?

The book is also asking, of course, which was the good daughter?  Charlie or Sam?  Charlie has stayed in Pikeville all these years whilst Sam couldn’t wait to get away, and to which parent were they being a good daughter, Rusty or Gamma?  Family love and loyalty are tested in this novel, not only with Charlie and Sam, but also with the Culpeppers, the Huckabees, the Wilsons and the Pinkmans.

Karin Slaughter weaves a strong storyline over the course of the book and means that the reader is kept waiting right until the end to find out how all the strands come together.  The device of using a small town where everyone knows each other’s business is useful as it keeps the cast relatively small, and ensures that what happened 28 years ago is still being played out in the present day.

With thanks to Netgalley for the copy of this book


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