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My latest reviews published in Events What’s On

I can especially recommend The Allegations by Mark Lawson, and also his previous novel, The Deaths.  He’s fantastic at probing the middle-class consciousness and finding it lacking.

Macbeth has been on my mind as my son has been studying it for GCSE.  I studied it for A level, and was still wheeling it out during my English degree finals, so it was a bit of a shock to find recently that I could barely remember anything.  I took him to the recent RSC live cinema production of Macbeth (to be honest, he was more gracious about it than I thought he was going to be), with Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack.  I just love these productions – effectively you’re in the best seat in the house (as Ann Patchett describes in her series of essays, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage).  I regard going to the cinema to see a play as akin to reading on a kindle – I’m aware of it initially, but find the process immersive and ultimately satisfying.  I also went to see Lady Windermere’s Fan recently, and have booked to see An Ideal Husband as part of the London Oscar Wilde season.  Far easier than schlepping on a train to London – I may only live 50 miles away, but the last time I went to London by train it involved two buses and a tube to get me to the terminus.

I’ve also submitted my reviews for the next-but-one edition (due out July/August) today.  I’d love to hear what plays you’ve seen via the cinema – are they any good for you or do you find it all just a waste of time?










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