Thin Air by Michelle Paver

Another book club read, it's short but compelling.   Deep in the Himalayas, lies Kangchenjunga, or Five Peaks.  It’s one of the deadliest mountains in the world, and Stephen Pearce is at renowned mountaineer Charles Tennant’s house in 1935 on the eve of setting out on an expedition to scale its south peak. Stumbling by accident … Continue reading Thin Air by Michelle Paver

Anna-Marie Crowhurst – The Illumination of Ursula Flight

A witty and ebullient account of a young woman in the seventeenth century, The Illumination of Ursula Flight tells the tale of her childhood, early marriage and development in this historical novel. Ursula grows up in a country manor house, her imagination and intelligence encouraged by her father (unusually for the day) and rather frowned … Continue reading Anna-Marie Crowhurst – The Illumination of Ursula Flight