This week’s reading



Two books read this week and both very different.  Both set partly in America, though, and both hardbacks.

That Part was True by Deborah McKinlay is charming and elegant. It’s a short novel, played out through a series of letters between uptight, British Eve, and successful American writer Jack.  Throughout the course of the novel they reveal themselves to one another, and their own insecurities to themselves.  Their friendship enables them to overcome their mid life crises and emerge smiling and more confident.

Saints for all Occasions by Courtney Sullivan, on the other hand, is a family saga, spanning Ireland in the 1950s through to Boston in 2009.  Here are family secrets, locked up close by the family’s matriarch, Nora.  And as with all great family stories, the novel covers events which threaten Nora and the family’s stability.

I had a long(ish) train journey today and started a new book, a psychological thriller  , but disappointingly it’s not capturing my attention nearly as much as I’d hoped – I might not even finish it.  (Update: I did finish it, it wasn’t worth it!)

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