Sarah Perry – The Essex Serpent

I enjoyed The Essex Serpent so much when I read it recently that I’ve kept it a week after it was due back at the library (incurring a £1.70 fine, unfortunately).  It’s had great reviews since its publication earlier this year, and rightly so because it’s literary fiction, readable, with great characters, a great setting … Continue reading Sarah Perry – The Essex Serpent

Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry

Gigi arrives at her aunt and uncle’s house in suburban Johannesburg in a state of catatonic shock following the brutal murder of her mother Sally at their remote commune farmstead.  Her presence creates an uneasy reaction throughout the family and causes her aunt Adele and uncle Liam to re-evaluate their relationship with Sally over the … Continue reading Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry

Mary Kubica – Don’t You Cry

 As a thriller Mary Kubica’s Don’t You Cry has all the elements in spades – mysterious disappearances, a deserted house, a small town ready to judge and two misfit characters wanting to find out more. Don’t You Cry is split into alternate chapters narrated by Quinn and Alex. Quinn’s flatmate Esther has gone missing unexpectedly … Continue reading Mary Kubica – Don’t You Cry